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This series of images respond to Kander’s task set, questioning what makes a landscape and what makes a travel snapshot? Traveling to Canada I explored this through taking my time to compose each individual image, featuring different elements within the set of photographs. Key elements are used such as focus points to draw viewers into the frames, grabbing their attention; these consisting of a whale’s tail, a boat and the sun rise. Features are emphasised in all frames using the rule of thirds, whether this be basing the main focus point or even the horizon on the thirds; making it aesthetically pleasing. Both as individual shots and as a sequence as they are consistent. Focusing on question of landscape or travel snap shot; I made the decision to capture part of the boat in one of the frames, firstly acting as a bit of a frame, which leads the eye into shot. As well as adding context as to the surroundings and where the photographer is positioned in shot. Viewing the final outcomes, one or two of the images tones work well as pairs etc.; so, following on from this I have learnt to take the hue and other elements into account.

By carrying out this shoot, I have become aware as to what it takes to produce a landscape compared to any tourist on holiday with a camera. Through taking composition and camera techniques and setting into account for every shot.

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