pg183 Mark Klett and Faye Layzell

Task 4

Step 1 Synopsis



Step 2 In the Style of the Artist

Mark Klett works on exploration of man’s interaction with landscape, montaging the ‘before’ in the disruption of man. Whilst I live in a rural area, the interaction of man is still evident. Through my recreational landscape, I photographed a wild flower bed, walked further back, then photographed a landscape where man meets nature, intertwining them together.


Step 3 Initial Response and Final Outcome

Whilst thinking this was a fairly straight forward approach, I soon found myself struggling on what to photograph and when to take out my camera phone. During this thinking process I immediately opened my camera and took a photograph.

Final Outcome

Critical Rationale

Not thinking about where I was or what I was photographing, I began taking images wherever I stopped. Looking at my first image and the corresponding images, I noticed a pattern of symmetry. This task gave no open context to work with but to simply photograph. Pushing me to further understand the idea of concept, it led me to explore new places as well as old, traveling from my home to cafe’s, bars and the outdoors, taking numerous images as I go. I soon noticed  a correlation of symmetry in a line of images, from this, I created a final outcome of 7 images, however they are all taken in different locations, they form together creating a balance in lines and tonal range.

This taught me how different composition techniques can redefine and image, while I knew exactly where I was and what I was doing when making these images, they only reveal a small interpretation of what was happening, allowing the audience to reweave their own narrative and build their own context.

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