Pg.113 Lucas Foglia and Adam Goss

Step 1: Consider how light (quantity/ratio, direction, quality & colour) changes emotion of image #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #LucasFoglia — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Step 2: Original image  Something happy appear sad. Phone box once used to connect people now neglected.  Something that is meant to be sad make beautiful. Once destroyed in the war the remaining architectural beauty of the remains.  Something that is normal appear shocking. A normal looking portrait but when viewed close up is made up of lots of little pieces.  Something that you want the world to know to seem urgent. Vans are the most … Continue reading

Pg.61 Matthew Connors and Adam Goss

Step 1:   2) use household objects and illustrate 1/+ physics laws. Snell's law, Lambert's 3rd law #phonar2017 #photographersplaybook #matthewconnors — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017   3) document art and photos around your or a relatives house. Photograph exhibition catalogue style. #phonar2017 #photographersplaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017 Step 2: Portrait of the artist. Matthew Connors is a professor in the photography department at Massachussets College of Art and Design, and also creates and publishes his own independent photobooks. Step 3: Photograph in the style of artist Inspired by Connors’ General Assembly Step 4: Response to task Boundries … Continue reading

Pg. 170 Ed Kashi and Adam Goss

Task 4 Be Passionate Step 1: Get to know the subject well. Hang around spend time. Take a wide variety of shots… #phonar2017 #EdKashi #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017   Capture a wide range of moments e.g. candid and set up #phonar2017 #EdKashi #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017   Step 2: Artist Portrait Ed Kashi is a photojournalist, film maker and educator based in the Greater New York Area. His work ranges from print photojournalism to more experimental film making. In 2002 along with his wife he founded Talking Eyes Media which produces non profit short … Continue reading

Pg. 272 Aleix Plademunt and Adam Goss

Step 1: Next four weeks: no photobooks, exhibitions, no pictures taken or look… #phonar2017 #AlexPlademunt #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017 Not even look. Buy new film or card. Go out again and take more. #phonar2017 #AlexPlademunt #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 7, 2017 Step 2: Artist Portrait  Aleix Plademunt is a Spanish photographer who lives and works in Barcelona. He typically works on his own personal photographic projects and in 2011 he along with two other photographers, Roger Gaus and  Juan Diego Valera, he founded Cal’Isidret Edicions, which is a platform where they can publish their own work. … Continue reading

Pg. 313 Christine Shank and Adam Goss

Task 2. One-hour photo project Step 1: Choose an assignment from the making workshop. 1 mystery object in 1 bag. 1 hour to make 1 photo. Some rules… #phonar2017 #ChristineShank #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 11, 2017 Experiment! Have fun! Play! Tweet your result and critique others! #phonar2017 #ChristineShank #PhotographersPlaybook — Adam (@Adam_Goss) May 11, 2017 Step 2: Analyse what the image could be about and how it could be developed into a body of work. The mystery item I got in the bag was a couple of corrugated, metallic card, in a range of colours. I thought this could be … Continue reading