p. 116 Allen Frame & Irini Georgiades & Denisa Dimitrova

Tweet a synopsis of the task your group has chosen. Divide into small groups of 2-7 and organise a party at someone’s home. Document it. Let the camera mingle with the guests. The purpose of this task is to promote social bonding! #AllenFrame #TierneyGearon #phonar2018 #photographersplaybook — Denisa (@Denisadimitrova) May 2, 2018 Write a brief introduction to the party. Friday the 13th, the day that both Denisa and Irini decided to have a party. The day was not planned to be the unlucky Friday the 13th but as the party occurred to be on that day we went along and … Continue reading

Pg. 116 Allen Frame and Georgia Wrycraft, Hannah Bolt, Hayley Chapman, Jessica Barratt, Katie smith and Livy Dukes

Task 4  Step 1: Decide which Task to chose Page 116, Allen Frame – La Dolce Vita Step 2: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment In small groups work together to throw a party. Videotape the night and create a video edit. Create a subjective veiw of how you see a party. The aim is to promote social bonding and feel connected as a group. #Phonar2018 #thephotographersplaybook #AllenFrame — Georgia Wrycraft Photography (@GLW_Photo) May 1, 2018 Step 3: Complete the assignment   Step 4 : Write a brief introduction For this task we focused on Allen frame’s La Dolce Vita … Continue reading

Pg. 116 Allen Frame, Millie McLaughlan, Louise Wotherspoon, Lara Bailey & Emma Ridley

Step 1. Make a decision on which assignment to follow.  Allen Frame – La Dolce Vita (Page 116) Step 2. Tweet a synopsis of the assignment. Divide into small groups of 2-7 and have a party together at someone’s home. Record the party using more than one media; still image, video or audio. Promote social bonding. Have fun! #AllenFrame #phonar2018 #PhotographersPlaybook — Millie Mclaughlan (@MillieMclPhoto) May 1, 2018 Step 3. Complete assignment.   Step 4. Brief introduction to the party. As a group we wanted to celebrate coming towards the end of our second year at university before everyone goes back … Continue reading

P.116 Allen Frame & Charlie Allen

Task Four  Step One: Tweet a synopsis of the Assignment. Get into a small group and have a party at someone's home. Record it in anyway you like (Video, Photo, Sound). The results may be unexpected – but are usually fun! The purpose of this task is to promote social bonding.#AllenFrame #LaDolceVita #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2018 — Charlie Allen (@allenphoto1) April 29, 2018 Step Two: Introduction. During the construction of this short film the participants, who wish not to be named, thought to create an unusual atmosphere towards the anticipating audience. Engaging in what seems to be unlawful activities, we collaboratively recorded and participated … Continue reading

PG 116/120 Allen Frame/Tierney Gearon, Daniel McCausland, Alicia Jade Franklin, Ann-Marie Todd, Ewan Thompstone

Task 4 –  Step 1 – Decide what task to follow We ended up combining both Allen Frame’s “La Dolce Vita” (Pg 116) and Tierney Gearon’s “How to take a perfectly fantastic shot in less than five minutes” (Pg 120) Step 2 – Tweet Step 3 – Complete the task https://vimeo.com/267503392 Step 4 – Introduction to the Party Due to how hectic the last few months have been for us all with a mix of university modules and the majority of us working in some form too, we have hardly had any chance to just hang out and enjoy ourselves, and with … Continue reading

Pg 116 Allen Frame & Esther May, Jack Matts, George Hill, Johann Koop, Matthew Bruce, Tony Ellinas

Step One: Decided on Allen frame, Still images and audio Step Two: Tweet Step Three: Complete Assignment         Step Four: Brief Summary of Party For this task we focused on Allen frame’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ task and had a party that inspired social bonding and the building of relationships. During the assignment we focused on the snapshot aesthetic, though using a fish eye lens which distorted reality and created a unique viewpoint. Emilio Barillaro’s party images inspired our work, as the use of flash captures the raw truth of the unfolding scenes. The harsh lighting capturing candid and staged photographs reveals … Continue reading

Pg. 116 Allen Frame, Georgia Ince, Ella-Mae Lovesay-Bonham, Tia Bryant, Kieran Lambirth and Emma McGarry

Task 4 Step 1: Read Allen Frames assignment Step 2: Have a party with as many or as little people as you like. Using several formats, between 2 and 7 people must document the night. Eg. Photographs, still image, film, etc. Combine all mediums into a video. #phonar2018 #allenframe #thephotographersplaybook — Georgia Ince (@gincephoto) April 30, 2018 Step 3: Step 4: Critical rationale After analysing Allen Frame’s assignment, as a group we looked into the work of photographers such as Nan Goldin who produced candid imagery that included the documentation of social gatherings. Taking inspiration from her work, we collectively … Continue reading

Pg 116 Allen Frame & Jasmine Smith, Holly Houlton, Kelly Bryan and Lucy Bedford

Step One: Decided on Allen frame, using audio, video and still image Step Two: Tweet Divide into groups of 5 or 6, have a party together. Using a minimum of two different mediums; photograph, video or audio, capture the unexpected. Show various viewpoints and how subjective the same experience can be. #AllenFrame #LaDolceVita #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2018 — Emily Carter (@ebc_photography) April 29, 2018 Step Three: Complete Assignment                 Step Four: Brief Summary of Party To engage with the task, we authentically organised a party involving others who were not involved in the assignment. This … Continue reading