p.325 Jem Southam and Dan Richardson

Task 5: Step 1: Pick a Location, Analyse whats there, Photograph it. #phonar2017 #JemSoutham #photographersplaybook — The_Lost_Oreo (@danielpulserich) May 11, 2017 Step 2/3:         Step 4: Response to Task Analysing and Photographing my garden                             Step 5: Critical Rationale This work Involved looking around my garden and finding things I wouldn’t usually pay much attention to. If I am honest, this is some of my weakest work to date. Unfortunately I did not find the task engaging enough and I could not find a … Continue reading

p.229 Andrea Modica and Dan Richardson

Task 4: Step 1: Do I know this person? Photograph a Friend, Photograph a Stranger, how different are they? #phonar2017 #photographersplaybook #andreamodica — The_Lost_Oreo (@danielpulserich) May 11, 2017 Step 2: Portrait           Step 3: In the style of               Step 4: Response to Assignment Stranger-                                                                  Person I know-           Critical Rationale: For this assignment … Continue reading

p.313 Christine Shank and Dan Richardson

Task 2: Step 1 – Choose one of the assignments we have completed in the Finding Workshops. I have chosen Christine Shanks assignment, here is the original image:                                             Step 2: Analyse what the image could be about and how it could be developed into a body of work The image is about how we are always being watched no matter where or how obvious it is.. Step 3: Create body of work containing 5-8 images, here are the images: … Continue reading

p.364 Tim Walker and Dan Richardson

Task #3 Step 1- Make one image and share #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Response to Task- Documenting my love for lego Step 2- Step 3- Critical Rationale: For this task I chose to follow Tim Walkers entry, showing something I love through photograph and then redo the assignment using video, in this case as a stop motion animation. The reason for choosing Lego is because its a hobby and is very important to me, I feel the image shows how much I love Lego because of the amount there is, it is an obsession. The … Continue reading

p.121 George Georgiou and Dan Richardson

Task One: Stop and return Step 1: Synopsis One location, one picture per day, [insert amount of days here], spot the difference #Phonar2017 #GeorgeGeorgiou #PhotographersPlaybook — The_Lost_Oreo (@danielpulserich) March 24, 2017 Step 2: Visual Portrait George Georgiou is a freelance British photographer and photojournalist best known for his work in eastern Europe, particularly Turkey. Step 3: In the style of Step 4: The Task Step 5: Critical Rationale Upon reading the task I knew almost straight away the king of images I wanted to make, but the question was where and how. I wanted to choose a simple, everyday location … Continue reading