P.336 Eva Sutton & Charlie Allen

Task Three  Step One: Select an image from the Making Workshop Step Two: Add time Step Three: Make it into a video Step Four: Make it into a sound Step Five: Turn it into a poem Step Six: Turn the video/sound/poem back into a photograph.       Step Seven: Critical Rationale This series of images were captured in the surrounding areas of ‘Filling Station’. A singular depiction of the shop was the initial concept for this task. Artist Jacqui Kenny is recognised for capturing places through Google Street View due to suffering from Agoraphobia. Feeling inspired, I participated in a similar method by revealing visual timeframes within … Continue reading

p.336 Eva Sutton & Tony Ellinas

Task 3 Step 1 – Choose One of the images of the Making Workshop Step 2 – Follow the steps of Eva Sutton’s assignment Take a photograph Make it into a video DY5pz-mXcAAKtEK         Turn the video back to an image        Step 3 – Critical Rationale By doing this task I tried learning how to transform an image to a video. I have watched some tutorial on the internet too. The software that helped me achieving that was Adobe Premiere. What I have done; is choosing a picture of ‘’making’’ workshop (in this particular case a … Continue reading

p. 336 Eva Sutton and Katie Smith

Step 1 – Pick a photo from the Making Workshop Damp and patched up. Make something sad seem beautiful.#phonar2018 #PhotographersPlaybook #LucasFoglia pic.twitter.com/dYLBgadlGA — Katie Smith (@SmithKatiePhoto) 22 March 2018   Something happy to seem sad – visual structures pic.twitter.com/bbUXhJ4Rzm — Katie Smith (@SmithKatiePhoto) 22 March 2018   I’ve found myself loving structures over the course of this module but I wanted to play more with form and the graphic style I have also found myself loving this year #phonar2018#photographersplaybook#TimWalkerpic.twitter.com/weBNWaSood — Katie Smith (@SmithKatiePhoto) 22 March 2018   As my starting photo for Eva Sutton’s task I selected my response to … Continue reading

P336. Eva Sutton – Liam Berg

Task 3 – Synesthesia Step 1 –   Step 2 – Step 3- Task 3 was all about Light and viewpoint, after experimenting by creating an image of light changing the emotion of an image, and the use of light and viewpoint to transform a subject. I re did the assignment, creating a still image and adding another medium to it for a final piece. For the image I thought of what I have been doing most recently. I decided upon taking an image of my desk, as that’s where I have spent most of my time. I used the … Continue reading

p.336 Eva Sutton and Emily Lynch

Task 3: use inspiration from stills to create moving image. For this task I took inspiration for task two which was “photograph something pink.” My favorite image out of the small collection I photographed was the flowers on the pavement. I decided to create a short simple video of some flowers around Coventry. I originally filmed a lot more footage for the video but did not include it as it was all very similar and I did not want the short clip to become boring. I filmed it on my DSLR, using my 50mm lens which helped me create a … Continue reading

Pg.336 Eva Sutton and Taylor Caterer

TASK 3: Eva Sutton – Synesthesia 1Photograph + Add Time + Make into another medium Video, Audio or text #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #EvaSutton #TASK3 — Taylor Caterer (@TaylorCaterer) May 10, 2017 USE ANY TECHNIQUE // ANALOG OR DIGITAL (Video, Audio or text) #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #EvaSutton #TASK3 — Taylor Caterer (@TaylorCaterer) May 10, 2017 Step 2: Portrait of ARTIST From the bodies of work in which I have seen of Suttons, she seem’s to go in close in a scene and tries to capture the eye-catching sections. Almost archival images are produced which seem like they would be used in an Archive … Continue reading

p.336 Eva Sutton and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 3 Step 1: Choose one of the assignment you completed as a part of the making workshop. Step 2: Use one of the images you made while completing the in-class assignment to follow the steps of Eva Sutton’s Synesthesia (attached), with the aim of translating your work into various different media. Take the photograph and turn it into a video. Include other photographs, sounds, text and video. Turn it into a poem: The sound of a siren, the blink of an eye. Life is so prescious, try not to die Step 3: Critical Rationale Following this task I tried … Continue reading