p.140 Melissa Harris and Georgia Hutchins

 Task 2 Melissa Harris: Exquisite Corpse Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Assignment: The Fridge People Step 3: Critical Rational I have reinterpreted the Exquisite Corpse task to produce a collaborative portrait with my housemates. I left an open request for my housemates to participate by adding to the head I had stuck to our fridge with magnets. Later I invited other households to take part in creating their own fridge person to begin creating a light hearted collection of Fridge People. I approached the task similarly to the drawing game: by not seeing how others added to the portrait. I also … Continue reading

Pg. 250 Michael Northrup and Georgia Hutchins

Task 5 Michael Northrup: Skip reading Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Artis Portrait Michael Northrup prides himself and his family on his sense of humor. Saying how his family always managed to make jokes even in a tragedy. Here I have extended this portrait of Northrup beyond the frame, blowing bubbles over the image to portray the lightheartedness Northrup likes to represent with his photos. There is little information on Northrup himself, so creating a portrait was challenging. I based the portrait off of his artist statement where he talks about humor and irony within his work, stating how it was prominent … Continue reading

Pg. 136 – Kyoko Hamada and Georgia Hutchins

Task 4 Kyoko Hamada: Grocery List Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Artist Portrait Following from my research in to Hamada’s project ‘I Used To Be You’ I came across this quote from Hamada. “I often sense an otherworldly air from them as though they are still living in another time.” For an artist portrait I have collected together some things that I inherited or were given to me after my grandmother passed away. Some items belong to my grandfather, and others to my grandmother. While Hamada created portraits of herself as an elderly woman she noticed, “No one seemed to … Continue reading

p.113 Lucas Foglia and Georgia Hutchins

Task 3 Lucas Foglia: Make it seem… Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Assignment: Make it seem… Step 3: Critical Rational I have collaborated with my sister to create a happy song seem sad, played to a timelaspe of a flower dying to represent something sad made beautiful. The flower coming back to life portraying the the normal made shocking with the overall underlying message of time heals as something I want people to know about. I wanted to combine all the steps to this task as I felt some of the stages can overlap to create multiple meanings. My sister … Continue reading

p.69 Barbara Crane and Georgia Hutchins

Task 1  Barbara Crane: Some of My Beliefs About Photography and Teaching  Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Artists Portrait When researching Barbara Crane, I came across an interview of Crane talking about her work for an exhibition. In the video Crane mentioned that due to the abstract nature of her work, it is often hung upside down accidently. She found this amusing and said how proud she was of her individuality with her photographs. For the artist portrait I have taken a screen shot of the video interview and separated it in to a 5×5 grid. I chose to use … Continue reading