p.98 James Estrin and Bethany Turner

Task 3   Step 1 – Complete Assignment                           Step 2 – Critical Rationale ‘Start thinking of the viewfinder as a blank canvas.’ – completely up to you how you would like to fill it. Aim: To find hidden beauty in Coventry. ‘You decide where to go’. I went for a walk around Coventry town. ‘Look for the light and for colour.’ Light from the Sun illuminating the blossom on the tree and some of the grass, juxtaposed with the shadow cast by the walls. Pink (warm) from … Continue reading

pg. 98 James Estrin and Kieran Lambirth

Step one: Complete the task Step two: Critical Rationale After reading James Estrin’s task ‘The Basics’ I started to really think about what I wanted to say and how I was to say it. I did a small shoot for a friend’s band playing in a local pub and as soon as I entered the room i was considering the elements Estrin spoke about within in the task. I considered what I wanted to say with the photographs before I started shooting and considered how to achieve that. I wanted to show the band members as their respective unit but … Continue reading

Pg.98 James Estrin and Esther May

Task Three, option three: ‘The Basics’ by James Estrin Step One: Choose one of the assignments. Follow the steps of the assignment, interpreting and adapting as needed, focusing on the elements of visual language.             Step Two: Critical Rationale for Step One. For task three I have decided to respond to James Estrin ‘The basics.’ I thought carefully about the power of composition and how this effects the viewing of the audience. As well as this, I consciously decided to focus on the theme of ‘beauty’ within the structures that facilitate a thriving holiday destination. … Continue reading

Pg 98: James Estrin and Jack Matts

Task 3 Step 1 / Complete the assignment  Step 2 / Critical Rationale I began completing James Estrin’s task “the basics” by analysing the brief and seeing how the work related to my individual interests. Rural land surrounds my home in Nuneaton explored a large wooded area that is not too far of a walk away. I want to show my expedition through this land that I’m very familiar with by capturing light that made pathways through the landscape. I invite the viewers to look past the dark foliage through to small and big patches of light that may be … Continue reading

Pg 98: James Estrin and Matthew Bruce

Task 3 Complete the Assignment:   Critical Rationale: James Estrin – The Basics, as suggested I started with a blank canvas, a blank viewfinder. I was documenting my trip away and on this day we found ourselves at a Volvo garage to change some parts on a car. It was a very sunny day and as I stood by the door I noticed these strong beams of light lighting specific areas by the door and in the workshop, as Estrin says if you find the light you can find a photo and so I took the opportunity to make a … Continue reading

p98 James Estrin and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 1 1: Synopsis of assignment   2: Visual portrait   For my visual portrait I decided to use typography to best portray James Estrin. He is a photojournalist and professor so he is use to having many words run through his mind on a daily basis. it made sense to use words relating to his career and life such as ‘The New York Times’ a renowned news paper he writes for.   3: Image in their style Estrin likes to take photographs within the moment and ensure it has something strong to say for itself. He focuses on rituals … Continue reading