p.263 Ahndraya Parlato and Jimmy Maxfield

task 5 Step 1: Assignment Synopsis Step 2: Visual Portrait Much of Parlato’s work focuses on her own reality, her own world. Her images are either logical or illogical to her viewers. Whether it’s a dream, memory or sleep deprived visions, they all affect the consciousness. I have created an image that represents Parlato. A dreamlike world that others may relate to but is also unique to her introspective mind. Step 3:  Image in the style of Ahndraya Parlato To try an immitate Parlato’s work I had take on her concept of reality and relate it to myself. It concerns … Continue reading

P.211 Ari Marcopoulos & Jimmy Maxfield

Task 4 Step 1: Assignment Synopsis Step 2: Visual Portrait Through researching Ari Marcopoulos I discovered the majority of his work involves the use of zines. This is why i created my own zine cover in the style of Ari Marcopoulos using key words from other renowned zines he has worked with. I didn’t want to reveal all of Marcopoulos face within the portrait because his work is not based on himself. However, the style of the zine cover I have created is very similar to what he would have made. Step 3: Image in Authors Style Ari Marcopoulos approach … Continue reading

p.336 Eva Sutton and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 3 Step 1: Choose one of the assignment you completed as a part of the making workshop. Step 2: Use one of the images you made while completing the in-class assignment to follow the steps of Eva Sutton’s Synesthesia (attached), with the aim of translating your work into various different media. Take the photograph and turn it into a video. Include other photographs, sounds, text and video. Turn it into a poem: The sound of a siren, the blink of an eye. Life is so prescious, try not to die Step 3: Critical Rationale Following this task I tried … Continue reading

P.283 Shawn Records and Jimmy Maxfield

Step 1: Choose an assignment. Step 2: Choose one of your images from the completed assignment. This is a portrait format image of a brick wall taken at a slightly lowered view point. This image could potentially lead to a body of work concerning the vast amount of industrialisation and its blockading effect on citizen’s view of natural landscapes. Step 3: Develop your chosen image into a 5-8 image Body of Work Step 4: Critical Rationale From analysing my original image from the assignment I began to create a series of images that would represent the vast amount of industrialisation … Continue reading

p98 James Estrin and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 1 1: Synopsis of assignment   2: Visual portrait   For my visual portrait I decided to use typography to best portray James Estrin. He is a photojournalist and professor so he is use to having many words run through his mind on a daily basis. it made sense to use words relating to his career and life such as ‘The New York Times’ a renowned news paper he writes for.   3: Image in their style Estrin likes to take photographs within the moment and ensure it has something strong to say for itself. He focuses on rituals … Continue reading