P.290 Doug Rickard and Megan Bradley

Editing (Is) Everything Step One, Tweet Synopsis Build up, organise, print layer and arrange these images. Find the subtext underneath, #phonar2017 #photographersplaybook #DougRickard — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 11, 2017 Remove context, add context, most importantly create contexts that didn't exist there before #phonar2017 #dougrickard #photographersplaybook — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 11, 2017 Step Two, Portrait of Doug Rickard ‘As soon as the internet came on the scene, I started angling at what I was going to do with it. Photography and the internet overlapped, and then it wasn’t so much a decision as it was a perfect storm of energy and … Continue reading

P.192 Jessica Lancaster and Megan Bradley

Two Assignments Assignment One: 20 – 40 – 10 Step One, Tweet Synopsis … From these 20 rolls of film make 40 working prints… #JessicaLancaster #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 11, 2017 … and finally, edit these 40 working prints down to 10 finals #JessicaLancaster #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 11, 2017 Step Two, Portrait of Jessica Lancaster The photographer makes the reinterpretation of history – in relation to both her home Detroit and her family – the focus of her work. So here I represent her by bringing a present day digital image of her home town … Continue reading

P.45 David Campany and Megan Bradley

Step One,  Tweet Synopsis Gather friends. Think of something to photograph. Write it twice. Throw in a hat. Grab 2. #phonar2017 #DavidCampany #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Share your image and instruction. #phonar2017 #DavidCampany #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Step Two, In Class Response Step Three, Expand Into A Body Of Work Step Four, Critical Analysis I chose to extend my response to David Campany’s What To Photograph task as it gave me the opportunity to seek out a specific visual feature in the world around me. In my original in class response to the task I put a … Continue reading

P.20 Ute Behrend and Megan Bradley

The Coal Thieves Step One, Tweet Synopsis No doubt he asked himself later that evening what he had probably overlooked… #UteBehrend #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2017 — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 1, 2017 Trust your intuition, and if you still can't see anything, ask questions! #UteBehrend #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2017 — Megan Bradley (@meganbradley01) May 1, 2017 Step 2, Portrait of Ute Behrend As a photographer, Behrend endeavours to make the real ethereal, producing work driven by her unique ‘intuition and the search for clarity’. Here, I represent her and this artistic ability as an enigma amongst the ordinary. Step Three, Image in the Style of Ute Behrend … Continue reading

P.364 Tim Walker and Megan Bradley

Task 3 It’s All About Love Tweet Synopsis Be playful, but don’t be blinded by content.  #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Consider how viewpoint and light can change the feeling of an image.  #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Step 1, original image Step 2, Complete this task again, this time in a new medium https://player.vimeo.com/video/214405920?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0“>http:// Step 3, Critical Rationale I have extended on my response to Tim Walker’s assignment It’s All About Love into a video.  The original response to the task used a handmade ring of my grandfather’s as the subject, now I use … Continue reading