Pg.341 Sara Terry and Tony Ellinas

Task 2 Step 1 – Tweet a synopsis Step 2 – Visual Portrait of Author Step 3 – Critical Analysis ( Instagram) Step 4 – Complete the assignment Body of work : Light Blue   Step 5 – Critical Analysis The Light Blue is a body of worked based on the assignment of Sara Terry (Pg 341-342). There were no steps to follow for the assignment although it talks for an exercise which helps colour photographer to distinguish the colour in different locations and objects. When I first read the assignment I thought of taking pictures and choose … Continue reading

p. 116 Allen Frame & Irini Georgiades & Denisa Dimitrova

Tweet a synopsis of the task your group has chosen. Divide into small groups of 2-7 and organise a party at someone’s home. Document it. Let the camera mingle with the guests. The purpose of this task is to promote social bonding! #AllenFrame #TierneyGearon #phonar2018 #photographersplaybook — Denisa (@Denisadimitrova) May 2, 2018 Write a brief introduction to the party. Friday the 13th, the day that both Denisa and Irini decided to have a party. The day was not planned to be the unlucky Friday the 13th but as the party occurred to be on that day we went along and … Continue reading

Pg. 169 Nadav Kander and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 3 For Task 3 I chose to work on the task set by Nadav Kander, which involved learning the difference between a travel snapshot and a created landscape Step 1: Complete the Assignment                       Step 2: Critical Rationale For this task set by Nadav Kander, we had to explore how we capture a landscape and the difference between a travel photo and a landscape, the difference being the creation of a landscape whereas the simple taking of a travel snapshot. For this series of images, I had to think … Continue reading

Pg. 215-216 Christopher McCall + Louise Wotherspoon

Task 2 : Two-Minute Drill  Step 1 : Tweet synopsis Disucssing and analzying knowledge is needed for beginnning photographers to understand that looking, thinking and discussing photographs are a key part to a photographs practice. #ChristopherMcCall #Phonar2018 #ThePhotographersPlaybook — Louise Wotherspoon (@lwothphoto) May 2, 2018 Prepare a presentation slide. Each person will speak without knowing what photograph will appear. When the image is presented, he/she must speak about the photograph for 2 minutes straight without stopping. #ChristopherMcCall #Phonar2018 #ThePhotographersPlaybook — Louise Wotherspoon (@lwothphoto) May 2, 2018 Step 2 : Artist portrait                 Step … Continue reading

Pg. 93 Lisa Elmaleh and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 2  Step 1: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment you have been given Read the first chapter 'The Blue of Distance' in Rebecca Solnit's book a field guide to getting Lost. Then think about the idea of distance. Use this idea to create a cyanotype print from either objects or a photograph #LisaElmaleh #photographersplaybook #phonar2018 — Georgia Wrycraft Photography (@GLW_Photo) April 28, 2018   Step 2: Investigate the author and make a portrait of them View this post on Instagram Lisa Elmaleh was raised in florida but now travels America in her her pick up truck with her 8"x10" Camera … Continue reading

Pg. 169 Nadav Kander & Irini Georgiades

Step 1: Step 2: Critical Rationale 20 – 21 April 2018 is a body of work created in response to Nadav’s Kander assignment Making, Not Taking. This body of work can easily confuse the audience, giving them the choice to choose if the photos are travel snapshots or a landscape. 20 – 21 April 2018 both consists of landscapes and snapshots captured by me, documenting my friend’s trip to the UK. Snapshots and landscapes are all mixed up within the book allowing the audience’s mind to travel within the book. This assignment was both focused on playing with the lighting … Continue reading

Pg. 210 Roxana Marcoci & Emma Ridley

Step 1: Tweet a Synopsis   Make an image that documents, invents and interprets. #phonar2018#RoxaneMarcoci#ThePhotographersPlaybook — Emma Ridley (@ecrphotos) May 1, 2018   Step 2: Conduct an Investigation and Create an Artist Portrait   Roxana Marcoci holds a PhD in Art History, Theory and Criticism and currently works as the senior curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art having been there since 1999. Focusing on modern and contemporary art, Marcoci works behind the scenes and has organised major exhibitions including Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII. Marcoci also writes, a contributor … Continue reading

Pg. 116 Allen Frame and Georgia Wrycraft, Hannah Bolt, Hayley Chapman, Jessica Barratt, Katie smith and Livy Dukes

Task 4  Step 1: Decide which Task to chose Page 116, Allen Frame – La Dolce Vita Step 2: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment In small groups work together to throw a party. Videotape the night and create a video edit. Create a subjective veiw of how you see a party. The aim is to promote social bonding and feel connected as a group. #Phonar2018 #thephotographersplaybook #AllenFrame — Georgia Wrycraft Photography (@GLW_Photo) May 1, 2018 Step 3: Complete the assignment   Step 4 : Write a brief introduction For this task we focused on Allen frame’s La Dolce Vita … Continue reading

p. 33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin and Katie Smith

Task One: Building Narratives from the FINDING Workshop Swap with another person. Read the bio and ask them questions. Then make a photograph as if YOU were the fictional photographer. Tweet image as your alias #phonar2018 #BroombergChanarin #LindaFleming #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2018 (@CU_phonar) 8 March 2018 Step 1: Further Analyse your Fictitious Photographer Black and white film photography is my impression? Likes traditional so focusing on film imagery instead. Heavy focus on people from the work of Garry Winogrand, low contrast, street style photography. Some moments of humor. Focus of his projects varies depending on the images he can … Continue reading

P. 212 Lesley A. Martin and Marc Tang Nian

Task 2: Reading the Tea Leaves Step 1: Tweet A Synopsis Of Assignment Create a sequence of images that shows the decision making process when trying to create a visual narrative. Keep in mind how images interact with each-other when arranging. #Phonar2018#LesleyMartin#PhotographersPlaybook — (@MTNPhonar) 2 May 2018   Step 2: Artist Self Portrait   Self Portrait in the style of Lesley A. Martin. An award winning photo-journalist from Edinburgh whose experience with Press Photography inspires this image as PR Photography is all about catching the right moment and freezing it in time. #phonar2018 #LesleyMartin #PhotographersPlaybook Step 3: Take An … Continue reading