P.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin & Olivia Harris

TASK 1 – Building Narratives From The Finding Workshop Step One: Further analyse the text based on the fictitious photographer you received. Step Two: Write an artist biography. Photographer Barry Simmons currently lives and works in the West Midlands. Barry studied Architecture at Leeds Beckett University and graduated with a first class honours degree. His architectural degree means he is in high demand for work, so photography has taken a step back in his life. Mainly working in the area of documentary photography, he likes to create images on 35mm film. Barry regularly submits his work into competitions however photography … Continue reading

P.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and Emma McGarry

Task One: Swap with another person. Read the bio and ask them questions. Then make a photograph as if YOU were the fictional photographer. Tweet image as your alias #phonar2018 #BroombergChanarin #LindaFleming #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2018 (@CU_phonar) March 8, 2018 Step One: Analyse text received about fictitious photographer Step Two: Artist Biography Ekaterina Obchenko is a photographer based in Ukraine, thought to have been producing work before the 1980’s, and potentially during a time of Stalinist dictatorship. I am thought to have been born in the 1930s, and I was brought up by my Orthodox Christian family, with whom my beliefs … Continue reading

P279. Margaret Qiao – Liam Berg

Task 5- Missing the boat Step 1 – Step 2 – Artist Portrait Step 3 – Step 4 – Complete Assignment          Step 5 – Task five was all about seizing the moment, without there being any information or contact details, this task gave me a bit of a curve ball, in the blurb of the book, it said to see also Eliot porter. He is best known for his colorful landscapes as well as his earlier black and white landscapes. After seeing his work I was instantly thinking what I do, following the assignment I went straight out taking … Continue reading

P336. Eva Sutton – Liam Berg

Task 3 – Synesthesia Step 1 –   Step 2 – Step 3- Task 3 was all about Light and viewpoint, after experimenting by creating an image of light changing the emotion of an image, and the use of light and viewpoint to transform a subject. I re did the assignment, creating a still image and adding another medium to it for a final piece. For the image I thought of what I have been doing most recently. I decided upon taking an image of my desk, as that’s where I have spent most of my time. I used the … Continue reading

P161. Jeff Jacobson – Liam Berg

Task 4 – Where do i stand ? step 1 – Step 2 – Artist Portrait Step 3 – Style of Artist Step 4 – Complete Assignment        Step 5 – For this assignment I had to find a definable space and explore it by walking around the place taking images until something catches your eye, gradually getting closer, seeing it in greater detail, then turn around and repeat the steps. I decided that Coventry train station would be a good place to undertake this task, as it’s a major part of Coventry and its trade heritage, although once there … Continue reading

P17. Richard Barnes – Liam Berg

 Task 1 – collaborating across disciplines Step 1- tweet Step 2- Artist portrait Step 3- Style of Artist Step 4- Complete Assignment   Step 5- Critical Analysis For this assignment I had to work in an industry that was completely different discipline, the example given was social sciences and documenting. I decided to adapt this narrative into working in a garage; this is because as like in social sciences where they study and diagnose issues and problems that aren’t right with people, then try to help or cure the issue, garages do exactly the same, but with cars.   I … Continue reading

P.205 Robin Maddock and Megan Fulham

Task 4 Small Ideas Step 1: Tweet synopsis Make a folder on your computer, call it "small ideas". Visit a place and forget documenting #RobinMaddock #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2017 — Megan Rose (@MeganFulham) April 25, 2017 Create a responce to a small idea and spring clean your brain and let the world come to you #RobinMaddock #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2017 — Megan Rose (@MeganFulham) April 25, 2017 Step 2: Investigate the Author Looking through Robbin Maddock’s twitter feed, it appears that he likes to support theatre groups. Therefore, I decided to visit the Royal Leamington Spa Centre which had a show of Sleeping Beauty, the … Continue reading

p.137 Léonie Hampton and Katie Bywater

TASK 4 Being There Step 1: Tweeted summary of task. Photograph a subject that is close to you, or your family or friends #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017 Create a substantial body of work that you could show in public #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017 This will teach you what it means to be accountable for your subject #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017  Step 2: Visual portrait of Artist. Léonie Hampton believes the language of photographs is often indirect, secretive and clothed. In her own photography … Continue reading

p.249 Alison Nordstörm and Christina Doyle

Task 5 The Emigrants   Step 1 – Synopsis of assignment Read W.G. Sebald's 'The Emigrants'. Make a new edition replacing photographs… #AlisonNordström #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2017 — Christina Doyle (@CDoylePhoto) April 8, 2017 With newspapers, magazines, or flea markets. Make a 3rd edition using your photos… #AlisonNordström #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2017 — Christina Doyle (@CDoylePhoto) April 8, 2017 Repeat. Add photos to any story from 'Labyrinths' or a poem from Emily Dickson #AlisonNordström #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2017 — Christina Doyle (@CDoylePhoto) April 8, 2017 Finally, line up picture series on wall without text. Critique! #AlisonNordström #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2017 — Christina Doyle (@CDoylePhoto) April 8, 2017   Step … Continue reading