P.283 Shawn Records and Abigail McLean

Task 2: Out of your head Step 1: Choose an assignment from Finding workshop   Step 2: Original post               With this image I wanted to get the feeling of an overcrowded busy city center by including lots of people walking in the image. The construction that is happening in the image really shows what Coventry is like at the moment with lots of development going on throughout the city. The reasoning behind using black and white is because Coventry is often seen as being a very grey place with lots of concrete buildings; I … Continue reading

P. 146 Marvin Heiferman and Kamonsiri Chaisuwan

Family Trees Step 1. Synopsis Think of what has made you become the person you are today. What have you seen that inspired you so much? #phonar2017 #MarvinHeiferman — Kamonsiri Chaisuwan (@Kam_Chaisuwan) May 11, 2017 Create a visual timeline that shows the past to the present of the things influenced you.#Phonar2017 #MarvinHeiferman — Kamonsiri Chaisuwan (@Kam_Chaisuwan) May 12, 2017 Step 2. Portrait Marvin Heiferman, an independent curator and writer, organizes projects about photography and visual culture for institutions that include the Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian Institution, International Center of Photography, Whitney Museum of American Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, … Continue reading

P.334: Larry Sultan and Liam Richards

Task: As Remembered By Kelly Sultan Step One: Synopsis  Drop whatever you're doing and start reading. #PhotographersPlayBook #Phonar2017 #LarrySultan — Liam Richards (@L_RichardsPhoto) May 10, 2017 Use this as an inspiration for your creativity. #PhotographersPlayBook #Phonar2017 #LarrySultan — Liam Richards (@L_RichardsPhoto) May 10, 2017 Step Two: Artist Portrait Larry Sultan is an admirer of ambiguity. After doing some research, I found that he tries to encourage people to make their own interpretations of his photographs instead of him making it completely obvious. He claims that a well formed narrative in photographs are ‘illustrative’ and that isn’t interesting. In response to this, I have … Continue reading

p. 147 Corin Hewitt, Mariana Galvao, Abigail McLean, and Emily Jones

Task 4 The Replica and It’s Mutation Step 1: Tweet a synposis of your assignment Get into a group of 3. Number yourselves 1-3. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #CorinHewitt — Abby Mclean (@AbbyMcLean_) May 12, 2017 Number 1 use an image to inspire you to create another one. Send the image you create to 2. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #CorinHewitt — Abby Mclean (@AbbyMcLean_) May 12, 2017 Number 2 make an image inspired by this image. Repeat until all members have 2 images. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #CorinHewitt — Abby Mclean (@AbbyMcLean_) May 12, 2017 Don’t show eachother until all completed. Collect, share and create your … Continue reading

Welcome to #phonar2017

This is where the 2017 cohort of students blogged their tasks as they make their responses to Playbook assignments.   For individual task responses to The Photographers Playbook assignments, students have to: Provide a synopsis of the assignment, in no more than four tweets Make a portrait of the author of the assignment, which reflects the research they have conducted into them/their work. This is posted to Instagram. Make an image in the style of the assignment author. This is also posted to Instagram. Complete the assignment set in the book Write a brief critical rationale, focusing on how the assignment has been completed, and what … Continue reading

P.189: Jeffrey Ladd and Liam Richards

Task: Insecurity Step One: Synopsis There may be something in your photographs that didn't initially grab your attention. #PhotographersPlayBook #Phonar2017 #JeffreyLadd — Liam Richards (@L_RichardsPhoto) May 10, 2017 Work with some insecurity looming over you. #PhotographersPlayBook #Phonar2017 #JeffreyLadd — Liam Richards (@L_RichardsPhoto) May 10, 2017 Step Two: Visual Portrait  After doing some research on Jeffrey Ladd, I found out that alongside creating photographs, he is a well renowned writer about photography. He has a blog dedicated to reviewing and discussing photography and also a website he regularly writes on. This is what inspired me to create this artist portrait. I placed the … Continue reading

p. 245 Abner Nolan and Kacie Ball

Step 1: Assignment Take snapshots of people sleeping. Consider reality, consider fiction. Appropriate. #AbnerNolan #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook — Kacie Ball (@kayyyball) May 12, 2017 Step 2: Investigate artist and create a visual portrait Abner Nolan has collected vernacular photographs since a young age. Delving through thrift stores, markets and lost archives Nolan took interest in everyday subjects. Nolans work is completely fictional but when creating these false narrative’s a sense of connection can be adopted. Some of Nolan’s biggest influencers are Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel who also appropriate archived photographs and create an alternative reality. In creating a visual portrait … Continue reading

p. 3 Kim Abeles and Kacie Ball

Step 1: Assignment You & friends photograph the moon daily, for a month. Bring photos together, analyse. #KimAbeles #Phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook — Kacie Ball (@kayyyball) May 12, 2017 Step 2: Investigate artist and create a visual portrait Kim Abeles uses a combination of mediums to investigate environmental and social concerns. Abeles undertakes extensive research in each project she undertakes in order to keep truth within her experimentation. After spending her early life in urban cities such as Pittsburgh and Los Angeles it is apparent that these cities provoked her environmental and urban artwork. Her work covers many social issues as well … Continue reading

P.293 Thomas Roma and Abigail McLean

Task 5 what matters  Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Visual portrait Thomas Roma is an American photographer who was born in 1950, he explores Brooklyn neighbourhoods and photographs scenes from peoples everyday lives, subways and churches. Roma became a Professor at Columbia University’s School for the Arts so this is why my artist portrait is a pair of glasses as a stereotypical outlook on it. Step 3: in the style of For this part of the task I used Roma’s photographs as inspiration to create one of my own looking very similar to his. He uses black and white in all of … Continue reading

p221 Raymond Meeks and Sean Moss

Step 1. Appreciate the imperfections. Be surprised, return with images that surpass expectations #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #RaymondMeeks — Sean Moss (@SMossPhotos) May 11, 2017 Step 2. Artist Portrait From his work I can tell that he loves shooting in brooks. Which sets the scene here. Step 3. In the Style… Using Meeks’ low contrast black and white style I’ve created this portrait of a friend of mine. It’s very soft and elegant portrayal of his personality. Part 4. Part 5. Critical Rationale I was required to switch the DSLR for a film camera. You can no longer snap away, the number … Continue reading