Pg.341 Sara Terry and Tony Ellinas

Task 2 Step 1 – Tweet a synopsis Step 2 – Visual Portrait of Author Step 3 – Critical Analysis ( Instagram) Step 4 – Complete the assignment Body of work : Light Blue   Step 5 – Critical Analysis The Light Blue is a body of worked based on the assignment of Sara Terry (Pg 341-342). There were no steps to follow for the assignment although it talks for an exercise which helps colour photographer to distinguish the colour in different locations and objects. When I first read the assignment I thought of taking pictures and choose … Continue reading

p. 33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin and Katie Smith

Task One: Building Narratives from the FINDING Workshop Swap with another person. Read the bio and ask them questions. Then make a photograph as if YOU were the fictional photographer. Tweet image as your alias #phonar2018 #BroombergChanarin #LindaFleming #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2018 (@CU_phonar) 8 March 2018 Step 1: Further Analyse your Fictitious Photographer Black and white film photography is my impression? Likes traditional so focusing on film imagery instead. Heavy focus on people from the work of Garry Winogrand, low contrast, street style photography. Some moments of humor. Focus of his projects varies depending on the images he can … Continue reading

P. 212 Lesley A. Martin and Marc Tang Nian

Task 2: Reading the Tea Leaves Step 1: Tweet A Synopsis Of Assignment Create a sequence of images that shows the decision making process when trying to create a visual narrative. Keep in mind how images interact with each-other when arranging. #Phonar2018#LesleyMartin#PhotographersPlaybook — (@MTNPhonar) 2 May 2018   Step 2: Artist Self Portrait   Self Portrait in the style of Lesley A. Martin. An award winning photo-journalist from Edinburgh whose experience with Press Photography inspires this image as PR Photography is all about catching the right moment and freezing it in time. #phonar2018 #LesleyMartin #PhotographersPlaybook Step 3: Take An … Continue reading

Pg.370 Hannah Whitaker and Jessica Barratt

Task 2 Step 1 – Make something random, innocent and fun. The result doesn’t matter; it’s about enjoying yourself. Think about how you can transform thinking into making #Phonar2018 #PhotographersPlaybook #HannahWhitaker — Jessie✌ (@JessicaBarratt_) May 2, 2018 Step 2 – Artist Portrait Hannah Whitaker is a experimental photographer who physical works with her images, which creates layered, fragmented photographs.               Step 3 – Image in the style of Creating a image in the style of Hannah Whitaker, experimenting with layering photographs together, showing the presence of the artist.             … Continue reading

pg.376 Neil Winokur – HANNAH BOLT

STEP ONE SYNOPSIS: STEP TWO PORTRAIT: STEP THREE STYLE IMAGE: STEP FOUR ASSIGNMENT: Hello Weight! MODEL MEALS EDITION STEP FIVE CRITICAL RATIONAL: When reading Neil Winokurs page over and over to inspire an idea I kept focusing on the fact that the media intructed him to use a fresh slain pig heart next to a fermented human heart, therefore lying to their audience about which organs were better to use for transplants. Creating a gory, bloody mess with organs didn’t really blend in with Winokurs mathematical approach to photography so I decided to focus on the lying aspect and come … Continue reading

p.137 Léonie Hampton and Katie Bywater

TASK 4 Being There Step 1: Tweeted summary of task. Photograph a subject that is close to you, or your family or friends #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017 Create a substantial body of work that you could show in public #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017 This will teach you what it means to be accountable for your subject #Phonar2017 #LéonieHampton #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 11, 2017  Step 2: Visual portrait of Artist. Léonie Hampton believes the language of photographs is often indirect, secretive and clothed. In her own photography … Continue reading

p.271 John Pilson and Katie Bywater

TASK 5 Shameless   Step 1: Tweeted summary of task. Copy more than one style at a time, use their styles to photograph the things you desire #Phonar2017 #JohnPilson #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 14, 2017 The operative word is ‘shameless’ #Phonar2017 #JohnPilson #PhotographersPlaybook — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) April 14, 2017 Step 2: Visual Portrait of Artist. John Pilson believes that in our our daily lives which are saturated with photographs is not necessarily a negative thing to ambitious photographers. He believes that personal work continues to be made from a thoroughly degraded material. For this portrait of I have expressed his … Continue reading

p.24 Dawoud Bey and Katie Bywater

TASK 1 Open Mind Step 1: Tweeted summary of task. Improvise & respond to the unexpected; it will make your images interesting/meaningful to you #phonar2017 #photographersplaybook #dawoudbey — Katie Bywater (@KatieB_Photos) March 29, 2017 Step 2: Visual Portrait of Artist. Dawoud Bey photographed Harlem, New York in 1975 particularly focusing on the human subject, predominantly the African American community. Bey had a personal relationship with Harlem, his mother and father met there, it was the place of the Harlem Renaissance, and where black intellectuals and artists came together which began to reshape African-American culture. To create this visual portrait I have … Continue reading

p.364 Tim Walker and Katie Bywater

TASK 3 It’s All About Love Step 1: Choose an assignment from the Making Workshop. Only photograph what you love. Analyze why you love it. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Photograph something you love; sunny afternoon walks in the countryside. I chose to photograph what I love on film – another love of mine. The process of using film allows me to take care and time into what I choose to photograph. The late afternoon sunshine adds a romantic light and atmosphere to the image, delicately illuminating the leaves and flowers of the hedges. The lens flare … Continue reading