Pg. 169 Nadav Kander and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 3 For Task 3 I chose to work on the task set by Nadav Kander, which involved learning the difference between a travel snapshot and a created landscape Step 1: Complete the Assignment                       Step 2: Critical Rationale For this task set by Nadav Kander, we had to explore how we capture a landscape and the difference between a travel photo and a landscape, the difference being the creation of a landscape whereas the simple taking of a travel snapshot. For this series of images, I had to think … Continue reading

Pg. 116 Allen Frame and Georgia Wrycraft, Hannah Bolt, Hayley Chapman, Jessica Barratt, Katie smith and Livy Dukes

Task 4  Step 1: Decide which Task to chose Page 116, Allen Frame – La Dolce Vita Step 2: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment In small groups work together to throw a party. Videotape the night and create a video edit. Create a subjective veiw of how you see a party. The aim is to promote social bonding and feel connected as a group. #Phonar2018 #thephotographersplaybook #AllenFrame — Georgia Wrycraft Photography (@GLW_Photo) May 1, 2018 Step 3: Complete the assignment   Step 4 : Write a brief introduction For this task we focused on Allen frame’s La Dolce Vita … Continue reading

Pg 366: Tia Bryant and Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

Task 2: Triggering Town Step one:   People sometimes have trouble photographing their own home since they’re too close to such similar terrain to be able to see it clearly. This exercise is to photograph a place with similar qualities as your someplace. #Phonar2018 #PhotographersPlaybook #AlexWebb #RebeccaNorrisWeb — Tia Bryant (@tiabryantphoto) April 2, 2018 This is in the hope to trigger a body of work that resonates with some of the same qualities and atmospheres of where you grew up and may enable you to see your homeplace with fresh eyes. #Phonar2018 #PhotographersPlaybook #AlexWebb #RebeccaNorrisWeb — Tia Bryant (@tiabryantphoto) April … Continue reading

P.120 Tierney Gearon & Amy Shaw + Olivia Harris

Task Four   Step One: Tweet a synopsis. Step Two: Follow the steps of the assignment. Step Three: Brief introduction to the party. Our video takes place in Digbeth, Birmingham. The video showcases an event by Kieran Shaw. Industrial Futurism shows work by second year Birmingham City University art students. The event also includes streetfood, cocktails & craft beer with and live DJs.

P.336 Eva Sutton & Charlie Allen

Task Three  Step One: Select an image from the Making Workshop Step Two: Add time Step Three: Make it into a video Step Four: Make it into a sound Step Five: Turn it into a poem Step Six: Turn the video/sound/poem back into a photograph.       Step Seven: Critical Rationale This series of images were captured in the surrounding areas of ‘Filling Station’. A singular depiction of the shop was the initial concept for this task. Artist Jacqui Kenny is recognised for capturing places through Google Street View due to suffering from Agoraphobia. Feeling inspired, I participated in a similar method by revealing visual timeframes within … Continue reading

P.116 Allen Frame & Charlie Allen

Task Four  Step One: Tweet a synopsis of the Assignment. Get into a small group and have a party at someone's home. Record it in anyway you like (Video, Photo, Sound). The results may be unexpected – but are usually fun! The purpose of this task is to promote social bonding.#AllenFrame #LaDolceVita #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2018 — Charlie Allen (@allenphoto1) April 29, 2018 Step Two: Introduction. During the construction of this short film the participants, who wish not to be named, thought to create an unusual atmosphere towards the anticipating audience. Engaging in what seems to be unlawful activities, we collaboratively recorded and participated … Continue reading

P.249 Alison Nordstrom and Emma McGarry

Task Two: Step One: Line up the series and critique. Remember, these images are evocative enhancements to the events within the chapter. #AlisonNormstrom #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2018 — Emma McGarry (@EMcGarryPhoto) April 26, 2018 Step Two: Artist Portrait Step Three: Image In The Style Of Step Four: Assignment Step Five: Critical Rationale In order to respond to Alison Nordström’s assignment, I began by gathering old, vintage photographs from online bidding websites, and analysing the content of the images. I decided to do this before reading a chapter of W.G. Sebald’s book The Emigrants, because it allowed the images to control the narrative, … Continue reading

Pg.98 James Estrin and Esther May

Task Three, option three: ‘The Basics’ by James Estrin Step One: Choose one of the assignments. Follow the steps of the assignment, interpreting and adapting as needed, focusing on the elements of visual language.             Step Two: Critical Rationale for Step One. For task three I have decided to respond to James Estrin ‘The basics.’ I thought carefully about the power of composition and how this effects the viewing of the audience. As well as this, I consciously decided to focus on the theme of ‘beauty’ within the structures that facilitate a thriving holiday destination. … Continue reading

P.169 Nadav Kander and Emma McGarry

Task Three: Making, Not Taking In a series of pictures, show how you've interacted with the world around you. Show that there is a human being behind the image. #photographersplaybook #phonar2018 #NadavKander — Emma McGarry (@EMcGarryPhoto) April 30, 2018  Step One: Complete The Assignment Step Two: Critical Rationale In order to ‘make’ a landscape, rather than ‘take’ one, I began by visiting an entirely new place, allowing me to absorb the landscape from a fresh perspective. I avoided the grey and noisy parts of Coventry, and found myself in Cope Street where a small and quiet woodland is situated just outside … Continue reading

Pg.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin and Kieran Lambirth

Task One – Building Narratives from the Finding Workshops Swap with another person. Read the bio and ask them questions. Then make a photograph as if YOU were the fictional photographer. Tweet image as your alias #phonar2018 #BroombergChanarin #LindaFleming #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2018 (@CU_phonar) March 8, 2018 Step one: Analyse text received about fictitious photographer. Step two: Artist Biography Animal lover Dave is a keen wildlife photographer. For many years he has been capturing the native of British wildlife and often enters his more favoured shots into various competitions. He said his ambition is to win a national, or international, wildlife photography … Continue reading