P.169 Nadav Kander & Olivia Harris

Task Three Step One: Complete the Assignment Step Two: Critical Rationale For task three I decided to use Nadav Kander’s assignment, Making, not Taking. For this assignment I immediately had an idea to mind, I felt that I had to include my background in art & design as I liked adding additional things to my photographs when I was in college, painting and sewing onto photographs. Tracing the image over the top gave me more visuals with the lines that were created by the buildings, with more detail in my images. This task made me think more about the difference between snapshots … Continue reading

p.52 Elinor Carucci and Laura Dakin

Task One A Thousand Pictures Step One: Synopsis Use one roll of film every day for three and a half weeks. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #ElinorCarucci — Laura Dakin (@LauraDakinPhoto) April 8, 2017 Remember to interpret and adapt & as difficult as it seems, let go. Experiment. Have fun. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #ElinorCarucci — Laura Dakin (@LauraDakinPhoto) April 8, 2017   Step Two: Artist Portrait   Step Three: Photograph in the style of the artist   Step Four: Complete the task Find the rest of the work at: http://www.lauradakinphotography.co.uk/phonar2017/   Step Five: Critical Analysis Completing this assignment was quite difficult for me as I came to find … Continue reading

Pg. 330 Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber and Lauren May

Step 1: Read the Ant!foto Manifesto. Thoughts? Respond.https://t.co/HAjmLxM4vp #PHONAR2017 #KatjaStuke #OliverSieber #PhotographersPlaybook #Vague — Lauren May (@LEM_photograph) April 24, 2017     Step 2:  Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber started ANT!FOTO together in 2010, offering exhibitions and guest lectures to those willing to get involved in discussions about photography. This was such a success that in 2013 they released the Antifoto Manifesto & Visual Archive, a collaborative blog where people could submit their own work in response to the manifesto. Involving others and educating people was a key aspect of Antifoto for Katja and Oliver, this is why I chose to … Continue reading

pg183 Mark Klett and Faye Layzell

Task 4 Step 1 Synopsis     Step 2 In the Style of the Artist Mark Klett works on exploration of man’s interaction with landscape, montaging the ‘before’ in the disruption of man. Whilst I live in a rural area, the interaction of man is still evident. Through my recreational landscape, I photographed a wild flower bed, walked further back, then photographed a landscape where man meets nature, intertwining them together.   Step 3 Initial Response and Final Outcome Whilst thinking this was a fairly straight forward approach, I soon found myself struggling on what to photograph and when to take out my … Continue reading

p.364 Tim Walker and Christina Doyle

Task 3 It’s All About Love    Step 1 – Synopsis of assignment Only photograph what you love. Analyze why you love it. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Be playful, but don’t be blinded by content.  #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Consider how viewpoint and light can change the feeling of an image.  #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Make one image and share #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Original response to assignment…         My original response to It’s All About Love allowed me to … Continue reading

p.140 Melissa Harris and Christina Doyle

Task 2 Exquisite Corpse   Step 1 – Group synopsis of task  Heads, shoulders, knees & toes! 4 people make a collaborative portrait #ExquisiteCorpse #phonar2017 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 10, 2017 Stitch it together. Tweet. #ExquisiteCorpse #phonar2017 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 10, 2017   Step 2 – Analysis  My groups’ response to Exquisite Corpses consists of four separate body parts photographed from exhibition pieces around the Herbert art gallery. The form of the body of work takes black and white images which lead to looking at the image in closer detail to see that it is not … Continue reading

P.63 Frank Cost and Lauren May

PHONAR Task One Step One: Step Two: Frank Cost is the Professor of Visual Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His work is focused on exploring graphic expression through different forms of technology, including Drones. This collage portrait consists three images taken by Cost using a drone with a camera attached, and a silhouette image from his book “Crow Book”. The silhouette is used to shape the overlaid images, and is symbolic of the term ‘birds eye view’ looking at a blend of three different views of the sight below. This is a simple portrait of just some of … Continue reading