P.300 Asha Schechter & Olivia Harris

Task Two: Personal Task from Photographers Playbook Step One: Tweet a summary of the task Step Two: Step Three: Take an image in the style of the author. For step three I chose to shoot my image in the minimalist style I found showed up quite a lot in Asha Schechter’s work. Shooting on a white background I chose an everyday object similar to the style of Asha. Step Four: Complete the assignment.                       Step Five: In my response to the task I was given I had to choose five to ten … Continue reading

Pg.383 Roby Yeoman & Charlie Allen

Task Two  Step One: Tweet a synopsis of the assignment. Using the Subject Guide below, create a photograph; or series of photographs, that fits into at least 12 of these categories.#RobyYeoman #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2018 pic.twitter.com/RliNxJNTHF — Charlie Allen (@allenphoto1) March 19, 2018 Step Two: Artist Portrait.   Step Three: Author’s Style Image. Step Four: Assignment. Place~Object~Life Experience~Materiality~Voice~Creative Block~Words~Food~Animals~Travel~Colour~Fashion~Exterior~Drinking~Walking~Romantic~Internet~Road Trip~Grab Bag~Focus~Strangers~Collecting~Light~Sex~Classroom~Interconnection~Installation~Driving~Identity~Subject~Interior~Writing~Space~Process~Reflection~Tone~Vision~Perspective~Furniture~Comfort Zone~Mystery~Money~Observations~Love~Tea~Water~Body~Boredom~Everyday~Audio~Daily~Ordinary~Close Up~Framing~Found Images~Self Portrait Step Five: Critical Analysis. Merging a variation of words sourced via the subject guide within the Photographer’s Playbook, a collation of distinctly individual images, are presented in one large scale print. An array of emotions, activities and personalities are presented within this … Continue reading

p.45 David Campany and Laura West

Task 2: What to Photograph Step 1: Choose an assignment from the Finding Workshop Gather friends. Think of something to photograph. Write it twice. Throw in a hat. Grab 2. #phonar2017 #DavidCampany #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Having been given the task to ‘Photograph Art’, I focused on shapes and patterns which has turned a collection of art into a new piece of art. Analysing this image I decided that symmetry within a photograph can be art in itself. To develop this I will explore the expectations of the human form as art and reality of symmetry and … Continue reading

Pg. 45 David Campany and Rebecca Henderson

Task 2 – What to Photograph? Step 1- Chose an assignment from the making workshop Write it down. Swap instructions. Make the photograph. #phonar2017 #davidcampany #PhotographersPlaybook — Rebecca Henderson (@BeckyAHenderson) May 11, 2017   Step 2 – Chose one of the images chosen in response to this task and analyse the components of the image that could lead to the development of a body of work.     When analysing the components of this image I wanted to focus on concept, as I felt this was its strongest attribute. In order to form the basis of a body of work I … Continue reading

p.140 Melissa Harris and Georgia Hutchins

 Task 2 Melissa Harris: Exquisite Corpse Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Assignment: The Fridge People Step 3: Critical Rational I have reinterpreted the Exquisite Corpse task to produce a collaborative portrait with my housemates. I left an open request for my housemates to participate by adding to the head I had stuck to our fridge with magnets. Later I invited other households to take part in creating their own fridge person to begin creating a light hearted collection of Fridge People. I approached the task similarly to the drawing game: by not seeing how others added to the portrait. I also … Continue reading

p313 Christine Shank and Szymon Bielikowski

1: Choose one of the assignments from Finding Workshop.   2: Reflect on the way in which the assignment could be used to build a more extensive body of work… The assignment asked to take one hour to create an image with a random item provided by the module leader. In my case it was yellow and green feathers. I had less than an hour to complete and thought of creating an organic metaphor, where the feathers would look like growing out of soil. For the above shot a phone camera was used for the convenience and a pre-set square … Continue reading

p.45 David Campany and Christine Vidot

Task 2 Step 1) I decided to redo David Company’s task for the shared task 2 assignment; I felt that this was a lot more enjoyable for me to do and be creative with. Gather friends. Think of something to photograph. Write it twice. Throw in a hat. Grab 2. #phonar2017 #DavidCampany #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Share your image and instruction. #phonar2017 #DavidCampany #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Step 2) Abandonment – Reflection: This assignment can provide a foundation on which a body of work can be created and developed through a number of different … Continue reading

P.283 Shawn Records and Alessandro Carnevali

Task Two Step 1: Synopsis Get out of your head. This is a game of chance. Grab a dice, a compass, and your camera. #phonar2017 #ShawnRecords #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Roll the dice to activate your rules. Show us where it takes you! #phonar2017 #ShawnRecords #PhotographersPlaybook pic.twitter.com/OYdKYAE8vS — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 17, 2017 Step 2: Original Post I ended up rolling: 5,2,6,2   = 5 street corners, southwest, 2 images This lead me to the corner past my local supermarket, I usually never take the camera with me when I go to the shop maybe because I want … Continue reading

p.140 Melissa Harris and Christina Doyle

Task 2 Exquisite Corpse   Step 1 – Group synopsis of task  Heads, shoulders, knees & toes! 4 people make a collaborative portrait #ExquisiteCorpse #phonar2017 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 10, 2017 Stitch it together. Tweet. #ExquisiteCorpse #phonar2017 #MelissaHarris #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 10, 2017   Step 2 – Analysis  My groups’ response to Exquisite Corpses consists of four separate body parts photographed from exhibition pieces around the Herbert art gallery. The form of the body of work takes black and white images which lead to looking at the image in closer detail to see that it is not … Continue reading