P.169 Nadav Kander & Olivia Harris

Task Three Step One: Complete the Assignment Step Two: Critical Rationale For task three I decided to use Nadav Kander’s assignment, Making, not Taking. For this assignment I immediately had an idea to mind, I felt that I had to include my background in art & design as I liked adding additional things to my photographs when I was in college, painting and sewing onto photographs. Tracing the image over the top gave me more visuals with the lines that were created by the buildings, with more detail in my images. This task made me think more about the difference between snapshots … Continue reading

P.169 Nadav Kander and Marc Tang Nian

Task 3: Making, not Taking In your own way, visually show your interaction with the world around you to create a landscape image that shows proof of the different decisions made to get that image#photographersplaybook#phonar2018#NadavKander — Marc.TangNian@gmail.com (@MTNPhonar) 2 May 2018     Step 1: Complete The Assignment   Step 2: Critical Rationale   For Task three I decided to choose The assignment by Nadav Kandar as this task best suited  me best because I was on holiday in Amsterdam. For this task I wanted to really focus on showing the entire process of taking an image. To showcase the … Continue reading

p.364 Tim Walker and Laura West

Task 3: It’s All About Love Step 1: Choose an Assignment from the Making Workshop Only photograph what you love. Analyze why you love it. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Photograph something you love: the moon. I just think its beautiful. Step 2: Complete the assignment again, using a different medium Step 3: Critical Rationale As a photographer who is not confident in videography, I initially found this task very daunting. Photographing something I love is easy, there are many things I love and a great deal of my photography is based around things that I … Continue reading

Pg. 364 Tim Walker and Rebecca Henderson

Task 3 – It’s All About Love Step 1- Chose an assignment from the making workshop.   Only photograph what you love. Analyse why you love it. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — Rebecca Henderson (@BeckyAHenderson) May 11, 2017   Original response     When tasked to photograph something you love I had to turn to nature. The serenity it can provide is invaluable to me. Because of this, when photographing it I wanted to show its distance from the chaos of humanity by using light to create the feeling of something almost otherworldly, allowing the feelings of removal from everyday life to become … Continue reading

p364 Tim Walker and Szymon Bielikowski

    Step 1: The original assignment.                       Figure 1   Step 2: Complete the assignment again, this time using audio, video or other media instead of image.   For this step a custom neural network was created in order to prepare the image file to be translated into sound. First, the image itself was processed through the network as seen in Figure 2. Then the result was coded as a sound, added to programmed drum beat and wrapped in a video emphasising the whole process. Due to the amount … Continue reading

P. 364 Tim Walker and Alessandro Carnevali

Task 3 Step 1: Synopsis Only photograph what you love. Analyze why you love it. #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #TimWalker — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Step 2: Original Image I took this photograph while I was walking the Hadria’s Wall Trail. I realised later, when I was at home how much this image is a visual representation of what I love the most: people and walking. I walked for 80 miles for the most of the time in complete solitude and that afternoon with Lucy and David and their dogs it has been probably my favourite part of the whole hike. I … Continue reading

p.113 Lucas Foglia and Georgia Hutchins

Task 3 Lucas Foglia: Make it seem… Step 1: Synopsis Step 2: Assignment: Make it seem… Step 3: Critical Rational I have collaborated with my sister to create a happy song seem sad, played to a timelaspe of a flower dying to represent something sad made beautiful. The flower coming back to life portraying the the normal made shocking with the overall underlying message of time heals as something I want people to know about. I wanted to combine all the steps to this task as I felt some of the stages can overlap to create multiple meanings. My sister … Continue reading

pg. 113 Lucas Fogila and Christine Vidot

Task 3) Lucas Fogila – Make it seem…. Step 1 – Synposis of assignment Use light to transform subject & don't forget viewpoint directs gaze #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #LucasFoglia — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Consider how light (quantity/ratio, direction, quality & colour) changes emotion of image #phonar2017 #PhotographersPlaybook #LucasFoglia pic.twitter.com/wL23CIPZOW — #phonar2017 (@CU_phonar) March 24, 2017 Step 2 – the task given Make a photograoh that is happy, and make it seem sad My original response focused on time,  and how coming back to something left can change who you are, and the place left. Step 3) My re -do … Continue reading