Pg.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chagrin & Jack Matts

Task 1 Building Narratives from the Finding Workshop. Step 1 : Further analyse the text you have received about your fictional photographer. Step 2 : Artist Biography. Adriana Westley is a photographer that was born in 69bc ancient Egypt. Westley is tall and beautiful, with fiery ginger hair that flows in the Egyptian breeze. Her interests lie in abstract fashion portraiture where she channels her inner outgoing nature. She works with props and Egyptian land to create abstract stylized imagery. She works in hot and dry terrain, telling stories of her home town in throughout her images. Westley loves using textures and … Continue reading

Pg. 339 Robyn Taylor & Kamile Essi

Step One. Tweet a synopsis This game is best played with fellow students, photographers or friends. Rent a copy of Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 film 'Blow-up'. Drink every time David Hemmings or 'Thomas' takes a picture.#RobynTaylor #ThePhotographersPlaybook #Phonar2018 — Kamile Essi (@kamile_essi) May 2, 2018 Step Two. Investigate the author and make a portrait of them   Step Three. Create an image in their style Step Four. Complete the assignment Step Five. Critical Analysis When I first read the task I was really excited to take part in what is one of my favourite things – watching movies. Robyn Taylor asks … Continue reading

Pg. 169 Nadav Kander & Kamile Essi

Step One. Follow the steps of the assignment, interpreting and adapting as needed, focusing on the elements of visual language Step Two. Critical Rationale Nadav Kander’s task emphasises on the process of making, not taking and the validity of a photograph. I chose to take on this assignment as I was interested to see the results that followed when capturing a subject matter that I do not usually photograph. When it came to conducting the photo-shoot I took the measures to make sure that I was fully immersed in the task, with no rush in getting the pictures completed. I wanted … Continue reading

Pg.120 Tierney Gearon, Georgia Bond & Sinthuja Yogachandrabose

Step One: Tweet a synopsis of the task your group has chosen. Forget that you're a photographer. Become the camera. Be like a fly on the wall. Wait patiently for the perfect photograph. Do not forget you need to be apart of the outcome. Good luck. #TierneyGearon #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2018 — 😌 (@SjDrabose) April 26, 2018 Step Two: Write a brief introduction to the party. To celebrate the birth of Tia Bryant and Georgia Bond, a birthday party will be hosted whereby all are welcome to dance, get drunk and enjoy themselves. We plan to document the party like the year … Continue reading

Pg.33 Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 1: Building Narratives From The Finding Workshop  Swap with another person. Read the bio and ask them questions. Then make a photograph as if YOU were the fictional photographer. Tweet image as your alias #phonar2018 #BroombergChanarin #LindaFleming #PhotographersPlaybook — #phonar2018 (@CU_phonar) March 8, 2018   Step 1: Analyse text about fictitious photographer Step 2: Artist Biography ‘Western World’ Mia Rose is a Cultural and Fashion photographer, who likes to try and find the boundaries when it comes to intertwining her two loves within photography. She predominantly uses digital as a photography method as she believes this gives the best quality … Continue reading

p.372 Lindsey White & Georgia Bond

Step One: Tweet a Synopsis To complete this task, it must be represented in its true nature, pick a final desitnation and each person you complete this road trip with should choose a place to stop along the way. #LindseyWhite #PhotographersPlaybook #Phonar18 — Georgia Bond (@Glb_photo) April 25, 2018 Step Two: Investigate the author and make a portrait of them. Step Three: Create an image in their style. Step Four: Complete the Assignment. View this post on Instagram A photo book created in response to Lindsey White's 'American Roadtrip' task. #phonar2018 A post shared by GBPhonar (@gbphonar) on May 1, … Continue reading

Pg. 169 Nadav Kander and Holly Houlton

Task Three, option two: ‘Making, Not Taking’ by Nadav Kander Step One: Nadav Kander was my chosen assignment to respond to. Follow the steps of the assignment, interpreting and adapting as needed, focusing on the elements of visual language. Step Two: Critical Rationale for Step One. From this task I mainly interpreted the concept of making, not taking, photographs of landscapes. My aim was to experiment and learn how to capture the intimate, unrecorded environments within a pre-existing one; challenging myself to reveal personal emotions solely through imagery. Focusing mainly on composition, I conducted a personal response to my home garden, … Continue reading

Pg. 315 Tate Shaw and Holly Houlton

Task Two: ‘Create an Image Virus’ by Tate Shaw Step One: Tweet a synopsis which focuses on the key elements guiding the assignment. If the image is spread enough, you may find it returns to you in a slightly different form from its original, demonstrating how if you repeat something enough times it soon loses its meaning and one is able to reselect it. #phonar2018 #TateShaw #ThePhotographersPlaybook — Holly Houlton (@HoultonPhotos) April 27, 2018 Step Two: Create a visual portrait of the author and post it on Instagram. Step Three: Create an image in the author’s ‘style’ and conduct a critical … Continue reading