Task Two


Make sure all tweets include: #Author’s name #PhotographersPlaybook #phonar2016.

1. Choose and complete as many of the assignments the Coventry photography students completed in their Finding Workshop as you want (you don’t have to complete all of them). This workshop was based on using Playbook assignments to explore different ways of “finding” a starting image for a body of work. These are:

Post the images from your completed assignment to Twitter with the hashtags (you can also link to them in the comments section of the assignment/s you have chosen).

2. Reflecting on the ways in which these assignments could be used to build a more extensive body of work, select one image from any of the assignment/s you have completed, and analyse the components of the image that could lead to the development of a body of work. These can include form (is it horizontal, vertical, digital, film-based, black and white, colour, etc.), content (what is in the images), and concept (what the image could be about).

3. Develop it into a 5-8 image body of work that reflects the themes you have explored in your critical analysis.

4. Write a brief critical rationale focused on substantiating the choices you have made at Step 3 (ie. Your critical analysis, and how it led to the body of work). This rationale will also focus on the ways in which this particular assignment may have helped you to discover, understand, or investigate new ways of finding stories. Please make sure that you are critical in your rationale, and try to articulate how it might reflect in your practice.

5. Post your URL to the comments of this post.

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  1. Task 2- One Hour Photo Project, Christine Shank https://livvyreeds.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/phonar-task-2/


    Inspired by Aline Smithson task’s ‘Words and Ideas’

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