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STEP 1 – Make a decision about which assignment you will follow.

I have decided to follow Tierney Gearon’s assignment.

STEP 2 – Tweet a synopsis of the assignment you choose.

STEP 3 – Follow the steps of your preferred assignment.


STEP 4 –  Write a brief introduction of the assignment you choose.

On the 21st of April, an eventful night went down in history. It began 2pm on Saturday afternoon and ended at 8:00 Sunday morning. The party lasted 18 hours in total. It was held in 5 locations in total. The reason for this was because the night first began as a casual get together and then as the time went on; my friends and I decided to change and make our party fancier and more of a ‘dancing’ party. There were also electricity black outs and not enough space in some houses, therefore the location had changed 5 times; However, the massive crowd finally settled on a location and stayed there till the early hours of the morning. The party was an unexpected success. New friends were made as everyone had the chance to talk to people they have never met before. People were also able to de stress before exams and have a good time. A DSLR camera, a GoPro Hero5 and iPhones were used to document the party. I decided to have my video vertical as I wanted to display the party to my audience in the most honest way and try and invite them to feel how we felt at the time, which was from my viewpoint and messy, spontaneous and crowded, as there was no space. As a result of this successful night, a part 2 of this party is bound to happen after exams.



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